2016 June 24

BODEGA (H2020 Security — 2015/2018)

CEIS is a partner of the BODEGA project, co-funded by the European Commission as part of the H2020 programme. BODEGA aims to study and model human factors in border control. BODEGA will provide solutions intended to improve the key tasks performed by border guards as well as decision-making in the management of border control. These solutions will benefit all BODEGA end users, from the authorities in charge of  managing borders to the travellers crossing them.

BODEGA is coordinated by VTT (the main Finnish research centre) and brings together a consortium of 15 organisations from 7 EU Member States: CEA, the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thales, the International Union of Railways (UIC), CEIS, the University of Namur, Atos, Z&P, Ubium, Happywise and end users — border guards in Greece, Finland (RAJA) and Italy (ADM).

CEIS’s main role in the BODEGA project is to establish and maintain a relationship with the community of end users, i.e. the national, European and international authorities involved in the management of EU borders, and to contribute to the analysis of human factors in the management of borders.