Business Intelligence

After reflection, action. We support our customers on the ground in implementing their decisions by promoting and protecting their interests.

  1. Competitive intelligence
    Better knowledge & decryption of your competitors
  2. Due diligence and background checks
    Securing of your development (partners, providers, recruits, clients, etc.)
  3. Pre-litigation investigations
    Defence of your interests, search for assets and fighting against counterfeiting
  4. Export business development
    Establishment of operations in other countries

CEIS has a team of authorised investigators and specialists in ethical and financial compliance. We also rely on a vast network of correspondents and partners. In particular, CEIS extends its business intelligence services towards all sports stakeholders (sports events organisers, clubs, companies investing regularly in sports…).

Thanks to this system, CEIS supported its clients in around a hundred countries in 2015: market research and consulting in establishment as well as economic and cultural policy decryption, assessment of the French industrial offer, analysis of the local decision-making chain, search for and validation of partners, parliamentary diplomacy, business diplomacy, preparation for expatriation, etc.


Examples of Assignments

Due diligence & integrity check in the take-over of a sport club

CEIS was commissioned as part of the take-over of a professional sport club to ensure the prospective foreign investor’s effective cash flow and source of funds. The investigations conducted and information collected assured the club’s management that the take-over would be sustainable and fit into a long-term approach.

Validation of financial partners to create a joint venture

Before creating a joint venture in an Eastern European country, a French manufacturer wished to investigate the integrity of the managers of the future partner with which it would be locally associated. The information collected and CEIS’s recommendations allowed the client to reduce its risk of media and legal exposure and develop serenely.

Pre-litigation investigations as part of a case of unfair competition & intellectual property theft

A manager of a French SME suspected certain former employees of unfair competition. Before pursuing any legal action, CEIS added to the case file factual and convincing elements demonstrating the offending individuals’ slavish copying and unfair behaviour. This evidence fed into the client’s legal strategy and led to a decision in ex parte proceedings.

Support of a defence manufacturer in establishing itself in the Balkans

With its mastery of complex environments and defence expertise, CEIS accelerated the establishment of a manufacturer in the industry in the Balkans. The international team carried out various actions, including:

  • Identifying official and unofficial decision circuits
  • Managing relationships with the public authorities
  • Developing the business network in contact with local decision-makers
  • Negotiating and securing preferred terms for establishment

Structuring of a French commercial offer for the awarding of a contract in Mauritania

CEIS supported a French manufacturer in its strategy for development in Mauritania, particularly in its strategy for commercial alliance. The entire assignment will have consisted of:

  • Developing the client’s reputation with local decision-makers
  • Identifying the best local partner and ensuring its credibility
  • Negotiating and implementing a strategy for commercial alliance
  • Securing the deployment of physical and human resources
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