2016 June 1

CEIS organised the final event of the TETRIS project on 24 May 2016

The final TETRIS workshop puts in perspective the project’s key results and the future challenges in preventing terrorism against railway infrastructures

On 24 May 2016, CEIS organised the final event of the TETRIS project. During this one-day event, the partners of the TETRIS consortium engaged with over fifteen end-users from national ministries, railway management authorities, European and National security agencies as well as crisis management organisations.

The key aim of the final TETRIS workshop was to present the key results of the project, with a particular focus on the TETRIS framework for a table-top crisis management exercise. This framework, simulating the consequences of a large-scale attack in a railway station has been designed to support end-users’ preparation to such events. The TETRIS framework is targeted for first responders, fire and rescue services, the police and trains and railway infrastructures operators. It is particularly suited to test the communication between public and private entities.

Participating experts underlined the added-value and the applicability of the TETRIS results and deliverables. The seminar also provided the opportunity to discuss the future challenges in preventing terrorist attacks against railway infrastructures. The various inputs and feedback gathered from the end users during this seminar have been used to further improve and finalise the deliverables of the project.

A public version of the project’s final report should be published in the coming weeks.


TETRIS stands for Terrorists In Europe Targeting Railway InfrastructureS. This two-year project received funding from the European Commission’s DG Home in the framework of the CIPS Programme (Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and other Security-related Risks).

CEIS, a research and consultancy company specialised in the areas of security, defence and digital transformation, is coordinator of TETRIS. The consortium also involves The Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique (FRS), a French Think Tank, the International Railways Association (UIC), CRISE, a French SME delivering 3D simulation platforms aimed at training crisis management units, and the Frederikssund Halsnæs Fire & Rescue Service, a Danish public organisation providing fire and rescue services