2019 April 16

CEIS takes part in a conference on « insider threats » in the air transport organised by ACI Europe and Airpol

On the 3-4th April 2019 in Budapest, CEIS participed in the Insider Threat Conference Mitigation II to present initial findings of a study, currently conducted for the Directorate-General Mobility and Transport of the European Commission (DG MOVE), on the fight against insider threats in the transport sector, notably aerial. 
The objective of this study is to understand how companies and infrastructure operators in Europe perceive and take into account the security risk posed by people working with or for them and susceptible to commit or facilitate criminal, terrorist acts or any action aiming at harming their activities. This project relies notably on  a series of interviews with major transport stakeholders in Europe with the aim to identify existing best practices, detect possible deadlocks and suggest areas of improvement. 
This workshop gathered some forty participants from various national security and police forces as well as European airports security departments. Findings presented generated insightful exchanges with participants and testified of the increasing concern over insider threat risk, as a resultant of several terrorist attacks involving insiders that targeted air transport in recent years.
This event was co-organised by ACI Europe, the Airports Council International in Europe, and Airpol, the European Law Enforcement Network European gathering police and border control services in the air sector. This event preceded ACI Europe’s publication of an ACI Europe Manual on Internal Threat providing guidelines to establish a programme that addresses this threat.

CEIS participated alongside LAM LHA, a company specialised in air transport security, with whom this study is conducted.