Cyber Risk Management

Digital transformation creates new risks and amplifies certain traditional risks. Companies must at once prepare, anticipate and react.

  1. Auditing of internal and external risk
    Identify your sensitive assets, assess their vulnerabilities and analyse risks
  2. Cyber threat intelligence
    Anticipate threats with a customised proactive approach
  3. Cybersecurity management
    Prepare security policies and raise awareness among teams and your top management
  4. Crisis management
    Ensure business continuity, take corrective measures and conduct investigations

The team includes specialists in information systems security, specialists in cybercrime and experts in risk management. For example, CEIS developed SecuInsight, a proprietary methodology and a unique approach to anticipating cyber threats.

CEIS also leads labs to accelerate the business of start-ups and SMEs in the IT and cybersecurity industries. Thus, it leads the SIA Lab for the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) and the Sopra Steria group, and in 2016 it launched FoCuS, dedicated to cybersecurity within the framework of the New Industrial France programme.

As co-organiser of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC), CEIS is at the heart of issues in cybersecurity from an operational, technological, industrial and strategic point of view. Thanks to our combination of these different types of expertise, we are uniquely positioned in France to deliver very high-level consulting services.

Examples of Assignments

Cyber threat intelligence assignment for a parastatal organisation

Support in securing important commercial negotiations

To secure commercial negotiations in important financial and media issues in the field of sport, CEIS was commissioned to design and establish:

  • A secure physical environment
  • A counter-surveillance system
  • A system of secure liaisons

Support of an overhaul of a secure IS

CEIS supported a large-enterprise client in a complete overhaul of its information system. Specifically, we:

  • Performed ISS auditing
  • Performed penetration testing
  • Defined an ISSP
  • Raised awareness among top management
  • Established the secure architecture of the future IS

Organisation of a cyber crisis exercise at the European level

EUROCYBEX, a European cyber crisis exercise involving several EU Member States, was a project coordinated by CEIS and carried out with the support of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA). It was co-funded by the DG HOME of the European Commission as part of the CIPS programme. EUROCYBEX was fully incorporated into the European programme of cyber crisis exercises and built on the results of the Cyber Europe 2010 exercise. The project aimed to improve and test procedures for cooperation in the face of cyber crises at the European level.

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Compagnie Européenne d’Intelligence Stratégique (CEIS) — European Strategic Intelligence Company

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