2019 December 9

[Enjeux numériques] “Cyberdefense: The human factor at the center of operational efficiency — testing defenses is indispensable for making progress” by Vincent Riou

The Enjeux numérique Series of the Annals des Mines of December 2019 (N ° 8 – Responses to cybermenaces) deals with digital issues for an enlightened, but not necessarily an expert public, by crossing technological, economic and societal perspectives as do Annals des Mines in all their publications.

In the December issue, Vincent Riou (Associate Director of CEIS – Cyberdefense), focuses on the question of the human in the cyberdefense issues (see the article of Vincent Riou here).

Among the contributors to this 8th issue of the Enjeux numériques series which analyzes the theme of “[the answer] to cybermenaces”, we also find Didier TISSEYRE (COMCYBER), Guillaume Poupard (ANSSI), Jean-Baptiste DEMAISON (ENISA) or Jacques DE LA RIVIÈRE (Gatewatcher).

All articles are available online at this address.