2019 October 2

[Vauban Sessions 2020] C2 in the digital era: second Vauban Sessions organised by CEIS and the RRC-Fr to be held on 27 & 28 January 2020

The 2020 Vauban Sessions will focus on « Command and Control in the Digital Age: Doctrine, Leadership, Human Factor ». Organised by the Rapid Reaction Corps France (RRC-Fr) and CEIS, the Vauban Sessions will welcome representatives from Allied Nations’ military forces, NATO and EU institutions and industry, with the objective of fostering an in-depth discussion on the future of the C2.

The digital transformation impacting our societies and military forces presents a formidable challenge and a unique opportunity to bolster Command and Control. Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big Data and hyper-connectivity have become buzzwords, yet those who truly master these new technologies will doubtless gain significant advantage in operations. The digital transformation of Command & Control will require a seamless integration of technology, but command remains principally a leadership issue, with the human factor as a central element. As such, a successful transformation must be based on enlightened leadership, adapted doctrines and concepts, and a certain cultural shift.

More information on www.vauban-sessions.org.