Influence Strategy

Parce que toute entreprise comme toute institution se doit d’être attentive aux débats politiques, économiques et sociaux la concernant, parce qu’elle doit savoir les écouter et s’y faire entendre, CEIS conçoit et déploie pour elle des stratégies d’influence impactantes et ciblées.

  1. Mapping of stakeholders
    Understand your institutional environment and the decision-making processes in which it is considered
  2. Targeted communication
    Design and implement communication strategies optimised according to targets and needs
  3. High value-added events
    Create and lead networks of influence to strengthen your footprint and design high value-added events for the company/institution

Our public affairs team has a thorough knowledge of the public sphere and decision-making processes. It has extensive experience in both institutional communication and influence communication. CEIS also possesses acute expertise in forming networks of influence as well as designing and organising high-level meetings, both in France and abroad (see our events).

Examples of Assignments

Institutional & administrative support of a European investor

CEIS supported a British group in acquiring a base sold by the French Ministry of Defence as part of a sale of properties by the State. CEIS was tasked with:

  • Continuous strategic consulting with the CEO
  • Official representation of the group’s interests with the national and local public authorities
  • Administrative monitoring of the case file with the State departments
  • Coordination of providers and completion of the project

Consulting & support in public affairs

CEIS manages all parliamentary and institutional relationships in France for companies in the energy industry and regulated professions. Our assignments include:

  • Parliamentary & governmental monitoring
  • Drafting of arguments and language
  • Preparation & implementation of counter-attack strategies to protect the companies’ interests
  • Institutional, political and economic crisis management

Consulting in institutional communication & influence communication

CEIS supports manufacturing groups in the transport, digital affairs and e-commerce industries to prepare and execute their strategies for institutional & influence communication. Our assignments include:

  • Strategic consulting with managers
  • Mapping of key decision-makers and monitoring of positions
  • Representation of the interests of the group
  • Detection & anticipation of opportunities related to calls for tenders

Organisation of an annual meeting for the top leaders of global companies in strategic materials

Each year, this event brings together, at the request of the Chief Executive Officer of a large international group, close to 50 major names in the world economy with the presence of their respective CEOs on issues linked to strategic materials. CEIS coordinates public and institutional communication for this high-level event as well as media coverage within France   in other countries.

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