2016 June 24

PREDICT (FP7 Security — 2014/2016)

The PREDICT project aims to provide a solution to the challenges posed by cascade effects in the context of multi-industry crises, particularly in the field of critical infrastructures. The project is based on the following three pillars: methodologies, models and software tools. Their combined use will increase crisis management organisations’ knowledge and understanding of cascade effects, improve their level of preparation and strengthen their ability to respond in the face of domino effects.

The PREDICT consortium brings together national research centres (CEA, Fraunhofer, TNO and VTT), SMEs (CEIS and ITTI), manufacturers (Thales and Thales Netherlands) and end users (VRZHZ, SYKE and UIC).

The quality of the solutions developed will be ensured by heavy involvement of end users throughout the project. These end users will be involved at three levels: as project partners, as members of the project’s advisory board and through their participation in a series of workshops.

Within PREDICT, CEIS is responsible for two work packages. On the one hand, CEIS manages the participation of third-party end users in the project; on the other hand, it is in charge of dissemination and use of the project’s results.