2012 June 25

RECOBIA (FP7 Security — 2012/2015)

CEIS is coordinator of RECOBIA, an FP7 Security project. The goal of the RECOBIA project is to improve the quality of analysis in the field of intelligence by working to reduce the impact of cognitive biases in the work of analysts.

RECOBIA brings together within a single consortium companies working on analysis of intelligence and information technologies (CEIS, Thales, Hawk, Atos and Zanasi S.r.l.), research centres (CEA, Universität Konstanz and Graz University of Technology) and psychologists (ISEA Psy) specialising in cognitive biases.

The EUROSINT Forum, the pan-European association of intelligence and open-source intelligence (OSINT) professionals, is also a project partner; its role is to facilitate the heavy involvement of the community of intelligence professionals in the RECOBIA project.  To date, around 20 agencies in Europe have expressed interest in participating in this project.

In addition to its participation in scientific research, as coordinator of the RECOBIA project, CEIS is also responsible for directing the project on a day-to-day basis and managing the relationships between the different partners.