Regional Development

The challenges that regions must face today are huge: job creation and sustenance, industrial fabric preservation, development of areas of innovation, compliance with environmental standards, European positioning, long-term strategy, etc. In public policies relating to economic development, local and regional authorities are already, and will continue to be, key players, in charge of implementing these policies.

  1. Regional strategy
    Make a regional diagnosis, facilitate consultation and define strategic guidelines
  2. Project engineering
    Design and establish large structuring projects and meta-projects
  3. Project development
    Create and facilitate accelerators and labs
  4. Regional marketing
    Communicate on regional assets

Our teams have deep regional roots thanks to several regional offices (Lille, Clermont-Ferrand and Metz) and many local partners. Furthermore, we rely on a strong relationship with companies thanks to our various consulting activities.

Examples of Assignments

Studies in operational strategy & consulting in the field of economic development

CEIS helped a medium-sized conurbation prepare its strategy for development and economic promotion. CEIS:

  • Made a dynamic diagnosis of the economic situation
  • Prepared a 20-year roadmap
  • Identified tools for economic development
  • Performed an impact assessment by establishing strategic maps and dashboards

As a result of this work, an economic development strategy was drafted and approved by the conurbation’s bureau. This conurbation again turned to CEIS for support in implementing the actions of the economic development strategy, to ensure:

  • Regional facilitation and strategic and competitive intelligence assignments
  • Engineering and support of economic and tourism development projects

Assignment to support the creation of the organisation to facilitate the smart specialisation strategy (S3)

CEIS supports several Regional Councils in the preparation phase of drafting their smart specialisation to identify the fields of activity most likely to galvanise innovation in their region.  Specifically, we have:

  • Conducted a literature analysis and review (state of the art, benchmarking, economic study and forecasting)
  • Organised working meetings and interviews with regional players
  • Facilitated and given feedback on themed workshops concerning the fields of strategic activities selected
  • Defined the governance of the projects to be established through institutional seminars & working meetings

Project management support (PMS) in the execution of the plan for economic development, innovation and metropolitan influence

Toulouse Métropole turned to CEIS for support in carrying out its plan for economic development, innovation and influence to boost and accelerate its attractiveness both within and outside of France. Our Local Public Sector team helped:

  • Create a project team possessing complementary types of expertise combining the functions of operational regional marketing, property strategy, project detection and identification of promising industries
  • Organise seminars, workshops and consultations with local managers & decision-makers with a view to co-designing the axes for development of the metropolis
  • Coordinate the roadmap established and develop large projects
  • Organise a meeting for feedback on the overall plan for development, innovation and influence with close to 300 economic decision-makers
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