2016 July 13

[Strategic Notes] Anticipating Risks and Adopting Cloud Computing with Confidence

30% of companies today use cloud computing, whether that be through SaaS, PaaS or Iaas. This trend continues to progress even though data security and confidence that we can – or not – grant providers is a major concern for businesses. In addition to the functional and financial “business” aspects, the adoption of cloud computing requires an accurate assessment and monitoring of risks, whether that be governance, contractual or security risks related to the choice of provider himself.

To analyze these risks, CEIS, the law offices of ATIPIC and Business Digital Security have developed a frame of reference and unique offer, CUMULUS, combining a reference and set of personalized services designed to help businesses manage their outsourcing strategy. In this context, CEIS, a recognized actor in investigative work, offers to provide services in due diligence and cloud provider monitoring.

Discover this frame of reference in this strategic report: note-strategique-anticipating-risks-and-adopting-cloud-computing-with-confidence