2013 June 24

The presentation of the final version of the demonstrator brings an end to the VIRTUOSO project

On 18 and 19 June 2013, CEIS-European Office organised the final end-user workshop of the VIRTUOSO project in Madrid. More than 30 intelligence professionals working for Member States agencies and European institutions attended this workshop. This workshop was to present the final version (V2) of the demonstrator, which was built in the framework of the VIRTUOSO project.

The objective of the VIRTUOSO project was to develop a IT middleware platform, which would allow end-user organisations to tailor their IT system to their specific needs. The presented demonstrator exhibited the versatility, adaptability and applicability of the platform by integrating different IT components, open source and proprietary, coming from the consortium partners.

Both the operational and technical aspects of the platform were presented to participants. They were also able to fully test the demonstrator hands-on in different sessions:

  • Intelligence analysts on operational aspects. More than 20 participants tested simultaneously the demonstrator thus testing by themselves the functionalities and interfaces of the demonstrator.
  • IT participants on technical aspects. About 10 participants were able to test the integration process of a component in the platform.

This end-user workshop was followed by the final conference of the VIRTUOSO project, organized by ISDEFE and CEIS-European Office, whose objective was to offer the opportunity to external contributors to present services or products which could be integrated in a VIRTUOSO-based information processing system. Companies that presented their solutions were: Oxford Analytica, Systran, Senseetive, Visibrain, and Agnitio. Further, the two intelligence professionals networks which supported the VIRTUOSO project, the EUROSINT Forum and the IBEROSINT Forum, were both presented. Finally, the consortium partners were also invited to showcase a specific service or tool that was developed by them in the framework of the VIRTUOSO project.

This final conference concluded with a session where the future use of the outcomes of the VIRTUOSO project by the end-user organizations was discussed. Consortium partners highlighted again the difference between the platform, the deliverable of the project that is freely available and open source, and the demonstrator, a showcase of how a system based on the VIRTUOSO platform could look like. In this context it was highlighted that the two core parts of the VIRTUOSO platform, Weblab (supported by Cassidian) and ING (supported by Thalès), are freely available for download and under open source license.

About the VIRTUOSO project

CEIS was partner and member of the management team of VIRTUOSO, an FP7 Security project conducted between 2010 and 2013. VIRTUOSO aimed to construct a standardised demonstration platform for different systems of intelligence gathering and analysis. VIRTUOSO was an advanced integrated toolkit, developed around open architecture to exploit open source information to provide decision support for security authorities.

This project involved major security industry companies (Cassidian, Thales, ATOS), national laboratories (CEA, TNO, ISDEFE) and SMEs in the field of high-tech (Mondeca, Sailabs,…). VIRTUOSO was conducted in cooperation with several agencies, armed forces, law enforcement agencies and ministries from across the EU. 

The main task of CEIS was to establish and maintain the link with the community of end-user. Over 120 individuals representing over 40 public organisations from 13 Member States and 5 EU institutions took part in one or multiple workshops during the course of the project.