2017 December 12

[White paper] Lawful access to data: the US v. Microsoft case, sovereignty in the cyber-space and European data protection

With a study by Theodore Christakis, Professor of international law – University Grenoble Alpes / Institut Universitaire de France – Director of the Centre for International Security and European Studies – dep. Director of the Grenoble Alpes Data Institute

In partnership with The Chertoff Group

Microsoft and the US government have been arguing since 2013 over the validity of a mandate issued by a US judge on content data hosted by Microsoft in Ireland. The saga is soon coming to an end. In October 2017, the Supreme Court decided to consider the case that was brought to it by the DoJ, and should make a decision by June 2018. The crux of the matter is whether a US judge can, without going through the dedicated international cooperation processes, request data hosted on server located abroad.

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